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PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 4:04 am Reply with quote

I was wondering if it would be possible to start packaging the core files that have been already edited in with any future versions of sentinel?

I noticed a lot of people including myself (or maybe its just me and am way to stupid to figure it out) are having trouble with the core edits.

Nuke hasnt been working for me since 2.5 all the earlier versions worked fine and I think its a core edits problem even though I looked it over so many times my eyes bled and everything looks ok something is still not right.

For instence when I myself try to abuse my site it will sometimes bring up the blocker page but I can still browse my site as normal once I close explorer and open it back up not to mention no matter what I do the IP's dont show up in the scroll block either and trust me I have been working on this problem for days and I am almost tempted to email raven and send him my core files so he can edit the dam things but I doubt he wants me spamming his mail with my noobieness so please can someone help me before I break the last straw and go back to my freewebs piece of garbage?

Thanks for listening to me ramble on

Your Friend

Chris aka Dragon Very Happy
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 6:34 am Reply with quote

I cannot answer your first question about the providing the core files already edited. It used to come this way long time back, but the author had his reasons for changing this practice that I will respectfully decline to comment on.

When you "try to abuse my site", are you still logged in as admin? If you are, one of the really nice features of NukeSentinel is that you are protected from being banned from your site - even though it will still display the block message. That is actually there to protect you! Make sure you are completely logged out of your admin account -- or clear all your cookies -- and come back in to your site to make sure that you cannot see your admin panel.

Then and only then would you be able to truelly test this.

By the way, if it works ONCE it is working. You cannot possibly test all possible hacks, so don't worry about it.

I am not saying NukeSentinel is full-proof, because, quite frankly, nothing is. But, its like making your house very difficult to break into to the point where the thief chooses the guy next door you never locks their doors...

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 7:50 am Reply with quote

I don't KNOW what the history of providing revised core files versus instructions for editing them with each new Sentinel release was but I SUSPECT that the problem was that there were many many different versions of the core files related both the each new release of Nuke plus any changes that various add ons may have required plus any customizations that individual users may have made. So, the author probably said something like : "I've got to give instructions so that people will actually look at the code and make the changes that are appropriate to their situation". That's just a guess on my part but you can see what the problem is when you look at all the different releases of Nuke.

I agree however that it is not desirable to have individual users making source code changes and it occurs to me that maybe at some future time we could provide replacement "drop-in" files for specific unmodified Ravennuke releases. So, basically we could say "if you have Ravennuke 2.xx and you haven't hacked the code here are replacement files that you can copy over your old files as part of upgrading to Sentinel 2.xx." This would require coordination between the Sentinel folks and the Ravennuke folks but that's already taking place at a pretty high level.

That's just a thought and it's something that the powers that be in Ravennuke and Sentinel would have to agree on and commit to. The standard Ravennuke installation already includes a packaged Sentinel installation too but it's keeping up with the Sentinel upgrades in between Ravennuke releases that creates the issue.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 6:52 pm Reply with quote

dont get me wrong I do respect the author of sentinel for any reason he chooses not to add the core files.

The thing thats pisses me off the most (excuse my language) is that I have two sites. my first site thats been around for awhile is running on 7.7 of standard nuke and its the one thats having problems with sentinel.

My other site which I have just started is running on ravens latest distro and its running perfectly with no problem I tested sentinel and was banned right away my IP even showed up in the block.

So that makes me think it was my mistake why nuke isnt working on my other site.

Right now I am trying to compare ravens core 7.6 files with my 7.7 edited files that I have edited myself.

I was thinking on downgrading to 7.6 and installing ravens distro on my other site too that would solve all my problems right there but there is two reasons why I dont.

One is that something could go wrong downgrading and I have to much stuff on that site to do over again.

And two I am still learning nuke and I wont learn anything if I keep letting others do it for me thats why I am going to attempt to correct the problem myself with occassionally checking in here for tid bits of information. I am a fast learner but I am surprised and a little annoyed that I havent figured out the problem yet lol.

Anyway thanks for your guys quick responses and if you have any suggestions or tips I am all ears. Trying to learn all I can lol.
PostPosted: Wed Aug 23, 2006 9:32 am Reply with quote

The reason that Raven (and other knowledgeable Nuke experts) stopped at 7.6 and are trying to base future distributions off that is that from that release on the "official" Nuke path started to include a very insecure wysiwyg editor. I should say "reasons" because this was a cumulation of the "official" Nuke ignoring security changes and patches implemented by the community in each new release. There are plenty of threads on this site about the "downgrade" (which is really an "upgrade") process but we recognize that is still painful to contemplate. It's a choice of pain really and it's probably less painful than trying to stay with the dead end of Nuke 7.7.

Trying to compare the 7.7 core files with the Ravennuke 7.6 core files is not likely to be productive either except in the sense that you'll further your learning process. And really the downgrade process is not that bad if you just bite the bullet and do your backups first and approach it systematically with a nice little checklist.
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 3:44 pm Reply with quote

Right on fkelly! I couldnt agree more with getting users to get under the hood and seeing how things work. Nuke is so much more powerful than a simple easy to install website with some cool features and php is wonderful language to know and can be the spring board into other programming lang like C#, ect
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