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PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 7:03 am Reply with quote

Hi all.

I have install (locally) latest nukesentinel to a 7.6 phpnuke, 3.3 patched the way is written Only registered users can see links on this board! Get registered or login!

Everything seems allright.
I did the changes in the core files although they were not identical as described in sentinel readme.txt but i think everything ok.

Sentinel seems to work.
Although afterwards i got these in admin.php screen :

Notice: Undefined variable: forum_admin in d:\www\chatserv\mainfile.php on line 2

Notice: Undefined variable: inside_mod in d:\www\chatserv\mainfile.php on line 4

Warning: main(includes/sentinel.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in d:\www\chatserv\mainfile.php on line 7

Warning: main(): Failed opening 'includes/sentinel.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;D:\AUtils\EASYPH~1\\php\pear\') in d:\www\chatserv\mainfile.php on line 7

Reading the warnings it was so obvious (Crowd's voice--->even for you? Twisted Evil ) even 4 me that i had to change mainfile.php and change sentinel.php to nukesentinel.php since there was a nukesentinel.php file and not the sentinel.php file inside my directories structure.
Even if it was obvious i have no idea why this happened since i followed the instructions of sentinel readme and the instruction of the sentinel manual which exists here in Raven's site and so this should happen.

Anyway, after that ,then,i only got the 2 notices :
Notice: Undefined variable: forum_admin in d:\www\chatserv\mainfile.php on line 2

Notice: Undefined variable: inside_mod in d:\www\chatserv\mainfile.php on line 4

The code i have in the mainfile.php relating to these notices was this :

if ($forum_admin == 1) {
} elseif ($inside_mod == 1) {
} else {

/* PHP-NUKE: Advanced Content Management System                         */
/* ============================================                         */
/*                                                                      */
/* Copyright (c) 2002 by Francisco Burzi     

Reviewing the steps i followed to install nukesentinel ,the above code lines where inserted by me because so it was said in the sentinel manual of this forum at the chapter :file edits/main.php file edits.

If i comment the above code ,then the notices dissapear and everything SEEMS to be running smoothly.
A wise saying of an admin here (montego) :
Unfortunately, it is just a fact of life. If you don't write it yourself, you need to know what it is you are installing and if you do not understand what it is you are installing, YOU take on the risk of installing it.

No free rides in life... Wink
and i agree ...
So? why is that in the sentinel manual.Or evenbetter ,since i removed the above code to avoid the notices is it ok ? sentinel is running right?

I understand that these questions is not possible to be answered but Thank you 4 reading this,

P.S. I did no step concerning the .htaccess files e.t.c in the readme of sentinel cause i am in local installation.

nikits72 with the unexploding grenade... 
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 8:10 am Reply with quote

Somewhere along the line I think you missed something(s) in your patches. By Patch Level 3.1 you should have these lines in your mainfile.php:

if (defined('FORUM_ADMIN')) {

   if (file_exists("../../../includes/custom_files/custom_mainfile.php")) { @include_once("../../../includes/custom_files/custom_mainfile.php"); }
   if (defined('NUKE_HEADER') && file_exists("../../../includes/custom_files/custom_head.php")) { @include_once("../../../includes/custom_files/custom_head.php"); }
   if (defined('NUKE_HEADER') && file_exists("../../../includes/custom_files/custom_header.php")) { @include_once("../../../includes/custom_files/custom_header.php"); }
} elseif (defined('INSIDE_MOD')) {
   if (file_exists("../../includes/custom_files/custom_mainfile.php")) { @include_once("../../includes/custom_files/custom_mainfile.php"); }
   if (defined('NUKE_HEADER') && file_exists("../../includes/custom_files/custom_head.php")) { @include_once("../../includes/custom_files/custom_head.php"); }
   if (defined('NUKE_HEADER') && file_exists("../../includes/custom_files/custom_header.php")) { @include_once("../../includes/custom_files/custom_header.php"); }
} else {
   if (file_exists("includes/custom_files/custom_mainfile.php")) { @include_once("includes/custom_files/custom_mainfile.php"); }
   if (defined('NUKE_HEADER') && file_exists("includes/custom_files/custom_head.php")) { @include_once("includes/custom_files/custom_head.php"); }
   if (defined('NUKE_HEADER') && file_exists("includes/custom_files/custom_header.php")) { @include_once("includes/custom_files/custom_header.php"); }

if (!defined('FORUM_ADMIN')) {
  if(empty($admin_file)) {
    die ("You must set a value for admin_file in config.php");
  } elseif (!empty($admin_file) && !file_exists($admin_file.".php")) {
    die ("The admin_file you defined in config.php does not exist");

and you should be using the NukeSentinel(tm) logic as stated in Edits_For_Core_Files/mainfile.txt:


#-----[ OPEN ]------------------------------------------

#-----[ FIND ]------------------------------------------
if(defined('FORUM_ADMIN')) {
  define('INCLUDE_PATH', '../../../');
} elseif(defined('INSIDE_MOD')) {
  define('INCLUDE_PATH', '../../');
} else {
  define('INCLUDE_PATH', './');


#-----[ AFTER ADD ]------------------------------------------

The fact that you aren't leads me to believe that you may have missed the logic that tells NukeSentinel(tm) what to do.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 8:28 am Reply with quote

the first piece of code you post it is not there indeed.
The second it is.

I will check it out and reply.


P.S. I bet raven ,you dont know how much of surprise is for me seeing that someone else is able to QUESS what is going on with MY files -and actually a right quess-, when he is not having them in front of him.
(Crowd's voice---->And we bet ,nikits,that you would lose this bet or that you dont even imagine how hard this ability is gained through time ,specially if we take as granted that you are a complete IGNORANT Evil or Very Mad )
PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 8:49 am Reply with quote

Ah yes. The all knowing, all seeing, omnipotent and omniscient Raven. For one to be surprised at Raven's revelations and knowledge is one who lacks the faith and strength to survive in the world of nuke. But it appears that you have seen the light and now have become a follower. When you can snatch the pebble from my hand it will be time for you to leave and start resolving these mind boggling issues on your own. So, little weedhopper, sit back, watch, learn, ..... then do Wink
PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 9:49 am Reply with quote

Although i cant tranlate weedhopper and some other words, i think i get the message here.

So i decided to reveal at the phpnuke world that as soon as i will get this pebble (d*** this took me time to find what it means Smile ) i will do the following:

-take over supporting this forum from the other admins
-make a better sentinel fully automated ,installing upgrading and making his new versions by eachself according to the newer holes of the following FB phpnuke versions (although this will need much more programming cause seems FB is good at it)
-Will make Ravenuke a fork.
-Raven ,montego and the rest will be fired or they will have to resign bowing to my knowledge. I will be enough. (except bobmarion cause he seems so inocent in his little photo Smile )
-Probably i will also change php or evenbetter invent nikphp.
-Stay tuned for changes in the microsoft and windows also.

Now i feel tired. I see i have many things to do .
Hmm i think i should start asap with the humble issue on how i will fix nukesentinel in my site.


(Doctor's voice---> this yello pill nikits,dont forget...to take one every morning)
PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 10:40 am Reply with quote

Take the blue pill instead. Only then will you know the truth that your reality is really not reality at all - really.

On Kung-Fu the blind Master referred to Kwai Chang Caine as "grass hopper". Now can you connect the dots?


nikits72 wrote:
So i decided to reveal at the phpnuke world that as soon as i will get this pebble (d*** this took me time to find what it means Smile ) i will do the following:

Whew! Now that is a relief! I hope that you are a quick study because I'm really tired of nuke and answering all these questions or as I like to refer to them as "Stupid user's tricks" ROTFL RTFM killing me speedtype

Last edited by Raven on Mon Jan 29, 2007 1:26 pm; edited 2 times in total 
PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 11:41 am Reply with quote

I'm really tired of nuke

Oh no raven, please not. I am tired to see the wise guys of this community getting tired of bearing the weight of phpnuke support and splitting one way or another.
I hope you earn enough from this hobby/job and earn even more so you have to be binded with phpnuke for much more years.I know i speak in the name of the many simple phpnuke users as me.
(Crowd's voice---> Hmm interesting.We almost believe you.Now if you would do a donation your words would be more much convincing).

Anyway,if you allow me ,i would like to come back to my problem .
Your post was very troubling for me(the one with the code).So since i think it's almost impossible to answer me at once and me to understand at once avoiding in getting in changing posts with me ,because i understand that it is not so easy due to circumstances and you have other more serious work to do, i have thought a new model to ask you my question and you to help me with just one simple yes or not.
I ll write some frases -actually a procedure i should follow and the facts-you read them and answer me with a yes if they are correct and no if not correct.If yes i do it if no i quit and you ll avoid the trouble.

If you agree here it goes :

To copy online 7.6 site 2.9 patched with sentinel 2.2.0 modified (with the help of community) from me to do certain tasks to local environment 4 tests e.t.c. and to upgrate it to patched ver 3.3 and sentinel latest ver.

nikits-simple-solution and that is where you should decide if it can be done with yes or not :

The Basic Copy
-We copy the online site locally (html files) (everythning is included such as old ver sentinel e.t.c.)
-We overwrite the html files with the ones of the phpnuke 7.6 raven latest patch -at this time- 3.3
-Import the database from online site to the local one (everything is included such as sentinel tables )
-Trim local config.php to use databse locally
(Up to here the site works like a charm locally. Of course sentinel tables are not being used or anything else concerning the old ver of sentinel copied with the copied file from the online ver)

Sentinel Installation
(Using sentinel readme.txt (from inside package) and sentinel manual (from raven site) )

-Uninstall procedure of sentinel (from inside the sentinel package so old sentinel's tables should be deleted from database)
-Install procedure for sentinel from inside package (we pick first time installation now)

This is it.
So if i follow this procedure will it work?

Cause this is what i did and the only problems i had and how i solved them is in my 1st post in this thread.

The site seems working.The code you say there should be included in my main.php file (the first one with the many includes) is not there and nowhere in the whole procedure it was mentioned somewhere to the readme's or manual that i should put it there.
Of course i dont doubt that the code should be there but nowhere was mentioned for me to do it.

So if you would be kind enough to tell me if this can work with a simple yes or no i would be much obliged.
Until you answer i will see if sentinel will block me so it probably works.

Thank you very much.

P.S. Of course i dont want to be misunderstood and you think i am resticting you to a yes/no only answer Wink You may express yourself as you want.You have my permission.But ,really, the yes or no is very well accepted and enough Embarassed
(Crowd's voice---->Well you are so good lad nikitas.Thank you very much for allowing us to write to a public forum as we want Cool not to speak for the owner)
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