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I'm looking to tweak out my site a little and was hoping that you folks may know of a few add-ins that would help me.

1) Member list Module that is more robust.
a) I would like the email address column to actually display email addresses! Sure, I would still like the option of clicking the email address to send them a message, but I would actually like to be able to view all addresses as a list.
b) I would like all columns on the list to be sortable by each column (ascending and descending). IE.. Click on the column heading and have all member list data sorted by that heading.
c) I would like a "group" column (to manage users by defined classification) For example, regular users, government users, moderators.. etc... I would like to be able to define many groups and classify users in several groups. Again, sortable.
d) I would like the option of doing a mass email to all users, or to groups of users. Either from the member list function, or from somewhere else, anywhere will do!

2) More robust "Your Info/Profile" Section with “required” fields during registration.

I would REALLY like to have a single module for managing phpBB and PHP-Nuke collected user information. I realize that I am using a “ported” solution in terms of phpBB, but not having the two applications share common database tables and data seems weird.

I definitely need user related data collected during the registration to be more robust. Specifically, I want to collect data for all of the existing fields of the phpBB’s “Your Info” section, but also, I need to REQUIRE that data is entered into the following additional fields:
a) Location (I need the City, State, Country)
b) Time zone (I'd like to make it easy on them by also having a few example time zones, but I don’t want this left as a default.
c) Avatar selection (I'd like them to get a default avatar or allow them to upload and/or choose one, but I want to require that everyone have one.
d) Real Name (Yeah, I want a real name, but I'm okay with everyone having the option to keep it hidden. However, again, I need to require one!)
e) No Fake Email. I don't really understand why this item exists. If you don't want to show your real email, you should have the option not to, but displaying a fake email seems pretty stupid to me and I don't want anyone on my site showing a fake address. Given that the system has built in messaging, I just don't see the point. Again, keeping it hidden is fine.
f) Opt-In/Opt-Out agreement for my newsletter. I want an understanding for each type (thumbs up or thumbs down). Many of my members require government software updates that I produce. Since notices are being sent to .gov email addresses I need to have a "confirmation" and separately displayed information page for either choice beyond the regular checkbox. I'd like to have the entire agreement linked into the registration confirmation!
g) For Government users (if email address ends in .gov) I need to require an office telephone number and thus, I need a place to collect it. It would be nice if standard data collected included a few different Telephone number fields for Cellular and other numbers like pagers and faxes. Again, it would be nice to have at least one of these fields be REQUIRED.

Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?


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