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PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:21 pm Reply with quote

chatserv, thx for the link, I'll try that fix tommorow. And jaded cool down, I think Raven is old enough to handle these things himself.

Btw. great smiley RavensScripts

Arrow Caedus
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:31 pm Reply with quote

Let's start by saying, we agree to disagree Smile

SD, you have brought to my attention issues in private as you state above and I am greatful for that. Just as I explained to you I have been very busy with NSN Sentinel(tm), so have Raven and Chat been very busy with it and other venues of work and personal lives, we all have familys and they deserve our time too. Now don't take this as a flame or slam, just making a point with no intent to harm anyone.

Raven and I chat often with each other thru IM's, what we take about will never be aired in public, as have CS and I talked thru IM's and what we talk about stays there. ChatServ posted at NC when ZX aired private information he had trusted ZX would keep private. As I would have done if it would have been me. To the best of my knowledge Raven never posted in those slam fest threads and I didn't post in them either because I felt it was non-productive to take part. Now if he had done to me what he did to ChatServ you would have seen a 50 page post on everything I do know about him and all the little dirty information from his communications with me in the past.

To sum it all up, and this is not directed at any one person, we as coders get tired (burnt out) at times and being humans as we are we snap at people from time to time. I not saying anyone snapped at anyone, I'm not God and can not make those judgement calls. I can say that having talked alot with Raven I can understand his feelings and his posts, right or wrong, and I will publicly state that if it were me I can't say that I would reply much different depending on the day of the week it is.

Now, if I haven't gotten myself into hot water I will continue by offering this.

If anyone feels that any of us have wronged you or someone else in the forums here or on my site please contact us and state your mind, hopefully in a Private Message. SD did so and in so doing he opened my eyes that I had let NSN Sentinel(tm) take over everything. Something I have to work on and make sure that I do everything I can to ensure it doesn't happen anymore often then possible. I won't say it won't happen because I know the mind of a coder and when we get into a mode we're there for awhile.

Now, in closing (maybe) I may have offended someone. I may have really offended someone. I may not make any sense at all to anyone that isn't in the same mind set as I am. But when you get right down to it, we are humans, we disagree, we have different levels of taking offense at something (this is greatly influnced by what is happening our daily lives). SD, I'm using you as an example simplely because you made valid points in you communications with me so please don't take offense at my examples below.

When SD contacted me he had a "tone" in his message. His tone was justified but if it had been one of my bad days I would have written a long "go blow it out your ear" response. As it happens it wasn't one of those days and his "tone" was understandable to me and I understood why he used that. Don't read into this that he was nasty or anything like that. He made his points clear and valid.

What my point to this is if we have a bad day we will respond completely different then we would normally respond. Does any of this make sense to any of you at all? I hope so, as I've told Raven many times, I'm a coder and not a writter so my message may get lost in the presentation.

Bob Marion
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