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PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:57 am Reply with quote

I am just starting to experiment with the Advertising Module on a RN test site (2.30.01) with an eye towards eventually using it to generate revenue on my production sites. As usual with things *nuke there is a complete lack of functional documentation so I am asking here.

I can see that you assign advertising users and set up banners with links in there and that you can put either an image or some html/javascript in as a "banner". I can see that there are various pricing plans, some based on "impressions" and some based on periods of time. And I can see that if you have different banners for different clients, some type of algorithm is used to display them periodically in the top portion of the page. I can also see that there are some old *nuke type of bugs in this module ... if you leave out a field for instance you will get a warning message to "go back" but then if you do the input is "lost".

My question(s) run more to best practices and operations rather than a technical how-to. For instance, do people use the advertising module to generate any significant income? How do you approach vendors? What's a reasonable price for ads (I know it would be traffic dependent but what are the ranges). Do you use the "impressions" pricing or the periodic pricing or both? How do advertisers get their ads in to your site ... I thought at first that the login you give them would let them manage their own ads but my experiments are showing that the admin gets stuck with changes? Any other best practices or experiences you can share would be welcome ... it looks to me for instance that it would be a good idea to link the ads back to an advertiser's own web site?
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:43 pm Reply with quote

Ok, here are some of my opinions/thoughts, but by no means an expert as I generate far more revenue off my text link ads than anything else (LinkWorth by the way is who I use - I went with the 50-50 split option hoping they would drive more revenue my way).

Check out what I did to make my plans seem a little more "organized". Feel free to steal my image if it helps you out. The only changes I made were to the language files to get this to show up the way I needed.
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Feel free to also look at my pricing. But, like I said, I don't make much of anything on banners.

My personal preference is to host ALL images from my site, that way, I am not impacted by other sites having issues. If my site is at fault, well, the entire site will be hosed, so I feel better about that. Smile You definitely have to link the ads (not images) back to the advertiser's web site.

Unfortunately you cannot have date ranges or really an end date. I never understood that. I was going to enhance the module, even had an issue in the RN log to do this, but ran out of time for 2.3.0.

Anyways, not much info, but its all I got. lol.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:30 am Reply with quote

Been experimenting more. First, just a gotcha: if you go to activate advertising you need to remember to turn banners on in preferences, settings. Otherwise your ads won't show.

Now more generically. For a long time I have wanted to have a way to present varying messages at a prominent place in my site. I might want to highlight certain events. Or I might want to remind people that they can submit news or calendar events. I might want to link to some off-site information or even some info on my site. Message1 and Message2 are okay for this but you can only have two active at a time and they are "fixed" in content unless you go in and edit them ... and even then they are "fixed" to whatever you change them to. So there is no way to have say, 10 different messages that display at various times on the page.

So this week I activated advertising. I just made myself the only advertising "user" and I gave my banners an unlimited number of impressions. I had one request from a diabetes organization to show a link to them so I got a graphic of their banner (horizontally laid out so it wouldn't take up the whole page) and made an advertising banner out of that. Then I had another internal club event on May 16 that I was promoting. I just used the advertising, display html, feature for that. I made up a little table with a border and that suffices for a graphic in my world ("man is as lazy as he dares to be").

I can see where I might want to have like 10 "rotating" messages like that to promote different site events. In other words advertising can be a cool module if you start to think about it more generically than I ever did before. It has certain capabilities that I don't think any other Nuke module does.
PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:15 am Reply with quote

Very good fkelly. I had done something similar to this as well on a family site where I rotated through various family member "pictures". Even Montego Scripts isn't getting much revenue off banner sales, but I do "advertise" for free to some businesses that I just want to support.
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