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PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 4:22 pm Reply with quote

Hi Emmaphp, I'm glad we found a solution which works for you, I'll add a few notes to the pay2access support documents page to help anybody interested in implementing something similar.

Just thought I'd make a few brief comments for anyone there who may be curious how this all fits together...

Firstly, in order to use pay2access you would display our iframe on your site. This autodetects the customer's country and displays the appropriate premium sms number and code. A customer sends a sms to receive an Access Code, and enters it into an HTML form on your site. The code is checked with Pay2access via a script which we provide for your site and at that point you can decide you what happens... in Emmaphp's case the script sets a session variable and redirects the customer to the first page of a restricted area. For any Nuke users, the code posted above will help to restrict access to these premium pages. You could however also perform a database update, or any other function that you choose.

For example, for sites with a members database, you may wish a customer to log into your site before purchasing/entering an Access Code, in which case a flag could be updated in your database alongside their username to grant certain access/privileges. The access code would immediately become invalidated, so there is no possibility of code sharing. This addresses one of the concerns mentioned in a post above.

As another example, say you want to charge for file downloads. When the Access Code is entered on your site we can lock the access code to that particular file and the IP address of the person downloading, in order to prevent code sharing. The access code could remain valid for a specified period, e.g. 6 hours.

Premium sms carries a high charge from the mobile operators, which is the reason that companies offering premium sms payments, such as ourselves offer these kind of payouts, but with some creativity and good marketing premium sms can be used as a way of reaching a huge potential customer base.

Anyway, I now have several versions of Raven Nuke installed so if anybody has questions about our service, or integration-related issues just send us a message on the form at pay2acess.net and I'll be glad to help Smile

All the best
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:54 pm Reply with quote

Hi Tarik, thanks for taking time to post here. Since I had the pleasure of playing devil's advocate regarding your service (thank you for not being offended as that wasn't my intent), I'd like to be the first to express my gratitude for your efforts to help emmaphp and to create integration with RavenNuke - it says a great deal about your support.

You addressed my overriding concern - the level of effort to implement an effective SMS payment system is greater than just plugging in some code. In addition to what could be tricky development (authentication), it requires careful planning and promotion. I hope pay2access is successful in its efforts to provide greater choice to webmasters with premium content - you have proven that you're off to a great start!

If I may, one suggestion that might help (though it seems you have already considered this): by providing alternate payment methods through a similar interface, you can offer webmasters a lower-cost alternative to SMS - in addition to SMS. Of course, that could also attract the big players to SMS if they aren't already there...


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