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RavenNuke(tm) Development Team

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:42 pm Reply with quote

I very seldom block IPs. What I block are strings. Like the remote injection txt files. I also block spammer domains like ru and to be honest I don't care if I get a few bystanders in there. They need to get a different e-mail address cause ru is so full of crap.

If Raven needs help with bandwith and resouces I would surely pony up with cash or servers!

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2007 5:10 am Reply with quote

Sorry kguske I failed to differentiate between pure IP2C data and my nirvana for also having a centralised, manually monitored and maintained list of bad domains in my last post. Although referers can be spoofed too which is why it really needs some level of manual monitoring. Personally I always do reverse lookups to ensure both the IP and referer agree with each other - it isn't foolproff but it is about the closest you can get with a degree of automation.

I would agree with the local storage for data for individual webmasters is a good idea - perhaps this could be the 'free' version of such data? The webmaster could simply upload the file to their own webspace and that would be the end of it - except for the need for them to update their data file every month or so.

For sites that have a need for upto the moment latest data they could either subscribe to such a service and the 'service' could either regularly update their local data file copy or even do an analysis on-the-fly like some of the remote access blacklists.

Some of the current GEOIP lists already do an XML file which can be stored locally and they offer an XML/ SOAP service to update the list.

There must be a way to 'share' resources much the same way that peer-to-peer works or allow individuals to specify they would allow XX number of requests per hour. As actual updates would be quite small (bearing in mind that smaller updates are added to the 'master' list say once per 24 hours the amount of data transfer/bandwidth would be relatively small 'per request'. The problems would seem to arise if your working purely with the current blacklist type model where there is an almost constant stream of sending data back and forth between the user sites and the query server.

Even so, I am fairly confident that it is do-able if we had atleast three or four people who would be able to work together providing the data from their servers.
Unfortunatel I'm no longer in the hosting game or I could have utlised spare resources from the half dozen I had at my disposal. Though if we could take this idea beyond the theory level, I would be more than willing to get a full dedicated server which would be purely for this - would be nice to defray the costs a little BUT it would be enough to know there was a great service for the community to use.
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2007 9:41 am Reply with quote

Epiphany: wikipedia.org wrote:

As a noun
* Epiphany (feeling), a realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something or someone. An inspired understanding arising from connecting with profound insight, awareness, or enlightened truth.

As a practice:
* Epiphany (meditation), a practice of evoking, and engaging with mindful contemplation. Breakthrough or transcendent awareness. Profound realization that seems to engage one's whole being in resonant connection with aspects of truth and insight.

Nirvana: wikipedia.org wrote:

As a philosophy:
* Nirvana (state of being), the unconditioned mind, a mind that has come to a point of perfect lucidity and clarity due to the absence of volitional formations

It's interesting to me that as I get older I notice how much I am able to see shades of gray among what was once only a black and white world Wink

This discussion seems to be very much akin to Only registered users can see links on this board! Get registered or login! (referred hereafter as BL's) , is it not? I know it's not exactly like but as I said "akin" to Smile. I and my servers have, on occasion, been temporarily banned by a BL because of email spoofing and/or usage of a misappropriated email account. The first time I was madder than a hornet but as time has gone by and the process has been refined I find BL's and the like to be very helpful.

The premise and goal of this discussion, in my opinion, is worth pursuing. Will it be perfect - almost certainly not. Will there be mistakes made - almost certainly. But, it will be an opt-in type application and will not be enforcing any penalties (like a 12 hour or longer ban by the Host/ISP) as do some forms of BL's. If I am understanding this approach correctly, we will just make the information/tool(s) available, possibly for a subscription charge, and webmasters can choose whether or not to use it and how to use it, which is most important, to me.

I understand Nirvana - since early 2004 I have seen mine in an epiphany [sic] Laughing - see Only registered users can see links on this board! Get registered or login!. That continues to be my main driver. Will it ever come to pass? I don't know, but as I often reflect upon it I can say that I wish now, that I had been able to more actively pursue it, but at the time it was just not feasible due to many things.

So what does that have to do with this? Maybe nothing - maybe something Wink. My point is that if you have your "Nirvana" and you truly believe it can and should happen, then pursue it before it fades into oblivion. I have managed hundred thousand dollar projects to every specification and time constraint, just to see executives scrap it all because they played golf with someone who talked them into some "new" idea - true story. I have also seen $ $ $ projects scrapped because the idea was good but the implementation just never met the goal. Well, in this case, it's not costing money, only time and effort that may end up being less that 100% effective but will still help out.

If you're still conscious at this point, take a break. For some unknown reason I felt like waxing on this morning ROTFL
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