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PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 7:24 am Reply with quote

Raven wrote:
2MC, in your pictures above you have it turned OFF. You need to turn it to Write to .htaccess.


I thought that "Admin Auth" under Administrative settings only affected access to your admin page? When I turn it on it makes me have to enter my user/password from a pop up window.

Does that need to be on to also write to the .htaccess file?

For PHrEEkie,

Sorry that was a typo, it should have been 666 or 777, I don't leave anything at 777, but was simply testing it to see if the file was "Seen". My .htaccess is 666.

I Think I may have been simply brain farting over all this anyway!

If I do something to activate one of the "blocks" it does write to the .htaccess file.

My confusion may have been related to when I select the Blocked IP or Blocked Range menu's and add my own to that area.

These additions are not being added to the .htaccess file. However I believe I "get it" now. That is if any added IP's try to access the site, then they would be blocked, and once blocked they would be added to the .htaccess file.

Or am I off base on that assumption?
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 8:00 am Reply with quote

I REALLY do appreciate all this help! I am somewhat anal about making sure stuff is setup and working right before I simply "set it and forget it".

As an aggressive anti spam operative, (I actively fight to get em identified, stopped, blocked AND kicked off their current ISP's for TOS violations) I have attracted some negative attention. Which is why I changed ISP's, got my own domain and switched from old school html to something more modern.

With a recent discovery that I and a few others made regarding fortunecity.com's attempt to "spam" online blogs with their own pop up advertising, it wont be long before they work at infiltrating us again.

How it works… They (FC.com) mine data from indexing spiders. Use these links to create dummy pages that will insert pop up code via SSI's at unsuspecting sites that are linked to from blogs recent referrer lists.

Then they "ping" the blogs creating referrers (lots of blogs list their recent referrers). When someone clicks on this link, they are sent to a "Dummy" page created by FC.com. This dummy page redirects folks to a page that has been discovered from the data mined from visiting spiders. You will know these referrers as they have names like levitros.get.to this is how they will show in your server logs as well.

Once redirected the "dummy" page inserts their pop up code into the page code of the unsuspecting sites you have been redirected to. You then get a pop up search window for V3.com, and the original websites page. This method of has been shown to be exploitable by hackers, who manage to insert similar code that lead to malicious pages.

So the unsuspecting link clicker gets subjected to another unwanted pop up, from a site that does not even have pop ups nor that are even subscribed to this service!
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