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Sorry but NukeC was not a core-part of RN and I found only a dead sourceforge-repo, created in 2013 without files. I guess the NukeC project is closed.
My advice to you is simple. Do not waist time on those php nuke version. It will give u a huge headache. Install Ravennuke as new or please try to upgrade to Ravennuke so we can help u.
Try to reset Chrome settings to default:

I changed from fisubice to RavenIce and it works correctly. I guess I should have mentioned what theme I was using. Still now resizing in fisubice after clearing cache, though. I'll just switch to RavenIce since that is what I use on my own website.

Thanks, AGAIN, nerelax.
Sometimes I don't wanna listen to neralex but he is right. Now I understand php 7 changed all. Almost everything got old again. Neralex, vielen dank!!! When are u gonna release one small version from the new Ravennuke so we can test it and use it. if we find any issues I will be the first one to report it. Wink Now I don't get any more error.
Cool! I will continue to see if I can help anything, even if I do not handle the english language very well :v

Greetings @neralex
Iverything is now back to default. I forgot I had loglevel set to 4 while trying to figure out a problem with owncloud not connecting to database with SELinux enforcing. Changed loglevel back to 0 and those messages are gone.
Happy New Year!
You don't need the session GLOBAL:

php Code:
global $user;

if (is_user($user)) {
$userinfo = getusrinfo($user);
$user_id = $userinfo['user_id'];
$username = $userinfo['username'];
place your specific user code here
if ($username == 'Doulos' || $user_id == 123456) {
$content .= '<li><a href="https://mysite.com/admin.php">' . _SITEADMIN . '</a>' . PHP_EOL;
} else {
$userinfo = array();

Nuke8, I'm happy about each suggestion but RN25x stands not more under active development. I'm also only a "modder" like you, who has tried to let the old RN25x run with PHP7. The original RN251 package was released in 2013 and since them it was never touched. I wont do deeper changes on RN25x - only fixes for damaged functions. That was the reason why I wont add new things like language constants, as long I can do it without it. New features will be only added to RavenCMS and there are many things on the todo-list.

I rebuilded two of my own RN251 installations completely to work with UTF-8, HTML5 and Bootstrap 3. But the effort is to huge to put it completely in the current build. RavenCMS has a much better approach and this is the reason, why I will develop this version in order to get it ready. Each new feature on the RN 25x builds will cost to much time. I created many modifactions for this build in the last years but I shared not all in public because the most of them are based on specific preferences. So I will let the focus on the funtionality of the core package.

Your forum-post about UTF-8 was not deactivated - you created this post while we moved this website to another webserver and we changed the DNS-settings of ravenphpscripts. You created this post on the old installation and I added it manually on the following day to the database of the new server with the same ID. After that I disabled the old installation. So I guess your ISP needed some time to show you the new server - not more. For this info exists also a thread: http://www.ravenphpscripts.com/ftopict-21520.html

You are not totally wrong with the TOS issue but this class needs a rework and if I touch it on RavenCMS, I will try to find a way to solve it - but not more on RN25x. In general you can add what do you want to your installation - this system is "Open Source" and you can modify it as you like it and where you like it. This wont mean, that I will add each suggestion to the current RN25x build.

Cheers Wink


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