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nuken wrote:
It is hard to find extra time to work on a project that takes away from family. It seems the older I get, the more I have to do and the less time I have in a day to do it.

man that is the truth.

it does feel like it was just yesterday when I had tons of time for all my projects. now i have all the stuff i have to do and no time to do it
Nope, you have to build a new bbcode based on a copy of the old one like: [urlself][/urlself]
Rolling Eyes
After your reply:

neralex wrote:
mike63740, it seems that the image-paths are not not correct

I search the paths of the files for errors.

Old path: http://localhost/Images/photo1.png

New path: http://localhost/RavenNukeV2.51/Images/photo1.png

Everything looks great. Thank you.
This I like:

Guardian2003 wrote:
I have no need for multiple different Forum add-ons so I'm quite happy to use what currently ships with RN and wait for whatever the RN Team decide to use.

I hoped this was the case with phpBB 2.0.23:

neralex wrote:
The used phpBB-version in RN is a highly modified/patched bridge between the CMS and the forums-software. Its working well and its secured as possible.

In short: leave as it is - it's fine.

Valuable and comforting information:

Guardian2003 wrote:
The Nuke Resources website looks like it has changed ownership so you can safely ignore those version messages.
The ported (modified phpBB form) used in RavenNuke (tm) 2.5x is as safe and stable as we can make it and should work for a long time to come if there are no significant changes to the PHP programming language it uses.

Thank you all. Confused
Still not but isn't really grave. (sentinel should be desactived and not sending mails but it's not a big problem)
Maybe it helps...



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