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php Code:
if (is_admin($admin)) {

#php stuff here
Nice job!
Looks good!
I would start at first a check with SELECT on the same db-table to compare the required fields with the incoming input values. Don't forget to filter the incoming data to prevent SQL-injections! Maybe to check: $forumname, $firstname, $lastname and $gamename. And only if no entry is found in the db-table then I would start the INSERT. In this case you could delete completeley: ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE forumname = VALUES(forumname).

You could replace:

php Code:
header ("Location: /modules.php?name=Member_Info_Thanks");


php Code:
echo '<div class="text-center">Thank you!<br /><br />' , _GOBACK , '</div>' , PHP_EOL;
Raven wrote:
Thanks for your kudos! Unfortunately, RoundCube Mail, Horde, and Squirrel Mail are the three that we offer.

I think Horde is the best out of the 3.
Good to know. The text was bleeding over into the right-side blocks if the window was reduced enough.

neralex wrote:
2. show/hide right blocks

php Code:
// BEGIN: Added in v2.40.00 - Mantis Issue 0001043

$index = 0;
if (!defined('INDEX_FILE')) define('INDEX_FILE', true); // Set to FALSE to hide right blocks
if (defined('INDEX_FILE') AND INDEX_FILE===true) {
// auto set right blocks for pre patch 3.1 compatibility
$index = 1;
// END: Added in v2.40.00 - Mantis Issue 0001043

This is what I did - when I finally actually read the "//Set to FALSE ..."
Thanks again nerelax.
gravutrad, have you resolved this issue?
I wish I was still active too. It truly saddens me in every way that what I started and gave many fruitful years to has become so hard for me to continue. I do believe there are still those out there who could rebuild an active team under Kguske and/or Neralex Smile!

Only registered users can see links on this board! Get registered or login! reports that executable files (.exe, .msi, etc.) were showing safe browsing errors in Google Chrome and Firefox for around 8 hours yesterday (25 January, 2017).

Although this only affected a small number of users, it would be pretty significant for the commercial and open source projects hosted there who use executable downloads. Neither the Bleeping Computer article nor the Only registered users can see links on this board! Get registered or login! explains what happened or how it was fixed. Since this had to be caused by something GitHub changed (and subsequently fixed) without requiring changes to the browser, explaining what happened would be helpful not only to impacted projects to assess how they handle downloads and their GitHub accounts in the future, but also others who might avoid similar issues. It would also help those considering hosting projects on GitHub decide how to proceed.

What do you think?
Sorry to hear your having a hard time. You gave so much to so many life should be easier for one whose banked as much karma as you!



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