Holy Bible module and block released.

Posted on Tuesday, April 08, 2014 @ 21:51:48 CEST in Modules
by Raven

thebrumby writes:  
For a long time, we had searched for a module to display the entire Bible online in our site, and the a Bible verse of the Day block, but it seems these are no longer maintained. Well now we have working versions and these are now available for download.


Verse of the Day block
The verse of the day block code is written by one of our moderators, but relies on biblegateway.com to provide the daily verses.

Two versions of the block exist. One is for those with the APC content caching system installed on their servers; this will cache the received verse in your servers memory for 6 hours, making pages much faster to load. For anyone without APC or if you are unsure what APC is, then the standard version is for you.

KJV complete Bible module
This module brings the entire KJV holy Bible to your PHP-Nuke installation. It is divided into Old and New Testaments, with each Testament having a sub menu of the books within, with each book then being displayed on its own page.

Neither the block nor the module will modify any of your other nuke files and does not affect your database. Neither requires any additional settings to be entered, unless you have the experience to modify things to suit your own requirements or theme.

To download them please visit our Download Center