3 Corrections for Stock Module v2.5 - Redownload Recommended

Posted on Saturday, August 24, 2002 @ 16:05:44 CEST in Bugs
by gcf

There are three, very minor issues that I have corrected in the 2.5 download. These do NOT affect any calculations. If you downloaded version 2.5 before 19:30 8/24/2002, then you should download again to correct the MODULE only. Read on for specifics.First, and most important , is the hyperlink in the credits line on the module. The link has a misspelling in it, therefore it doesn't work! Please correct the hyper link to read gaylenandmargie.com/phpwebsite. The code says wesite instead of website. Secondly, the date for the history pull always stays as 4/19/2002 as the default, regardless of what the webmaster puts in. It is correct if you override it on the screen though. Lastly, if the webmaster puts an invalid default sysmbol into the index.php script, and your php.ini allows warnings, you will see a warning about a division by zero. I have also corrected the code for that.