Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2015 @ 06:37:17 CET in PHP-Nuke
by kguske

papamike writes:  


-- Just a few minutes ago I finally opened my site after quite a bit of work. I have forked RavenNuke to create PMC-Nuke. I decided to do this once I heard about RavenCMS. You won't see themes for any version of Nuke that are better than the ones I made for PMC-Nuke. With this fork I changed a lot of things. Here's a small bit of what I've done thus far.

-- Over 20+ years experience and I have never used an editor and don't plan on starting now. So Bootstrap, SASS and {less} well I won't say how I feel about them.

-- 10 new themes and growing. The themes themselves are pure CSS3 gradient. I did add 20x20px button icons to spice it up a bit and some larger graphics at the top of the different modules.

-- I completely revamped the Your Account area, registration and forums. Those areas will look alien to you now.

-- I spent a lot of time on the forums and private message areas. All of the forum files are HTML5 compliant. I stripped out a ton of unnecessary code and left the images for now.

-- There are no graphics in the header logo area just colors, gradients and special fonts over shadows. Also there are no graphics in the themes image folder either. I built the core base of the theme system and now a theme can be designed and finished within an hour.

-- You'll see two fonts (besides the usual ones)  throughout all 10 themes, they are, Walkway and UpperEastSide.

-- Security wasn't compromised in any of the PHP files I edited. Also the ones I did edit are HTML5 compliant and I have plans on making the entire package HTML5.

-- LOL I've been open just a few minutes and already have an abuse notification in my email.

-- I closed all options to selecting an instant messenger and replaced it with social media access. I don't think anyone uses IM's anymore do they?

-- Since it is a news site I added 125 of the most popular news sources and blogs. I read through them all of the time. I also have a secure contact form at the bottom of the page where I can get quick contacts from members.

-- I could go on-and-on but I'll quit here. Stop in, become a member and have a look around.


Mike (PapaMike)

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