Posted on Monday, December 27, 2010 @ 14:05:44 CET in Security
by Raven

papamike writes:  
I'm sure that everyone here has some degree of knowledge about malware. It is software which is designed to trick the victim into downloading it thinking that it will help their system. But, it is actually a method that hackers use to do things like install trojans, root-kits, viruses, worms, and on-and-on to your computer. A piece of software that the victim thinks is useful at fixing problems on their system. Software such as, defragmentation tools, registry editors, system scanners, virus detection and the list goes on. The fact is that alot of malicious software only annoys you but don't be fooled by this. Because by making you think that your system is full of problems it only fools people into downloading another piece of software that cost $$. The biggest problem is that the website you would go to looks like or is a credible website.
The best practiced key to prevention is to stay away from those websites that offer those kinds of tools that you need to correct something on your computer. But how would you know? You won't, so you need to make sure that your virus detection is good and that it will actually detect and clear malicious software BEFORE it can install itself on your computer. Read the pros and cons about your virus software at places like,, and more. And of course do not open email attachments unless they are or have been scanned by a good industry standard detection program. Gmail has a good feature to do just that. Darn, I wonder why I use gmail only. I also do not have a email program installed on my computer either. But then that's another news item for another day.

One threat that causes me concern is Rootkits because they hide themselves on your computer under familiar names that you would not suspect as being infected. That is when your good industry standard detection software with rootkit detection and cleanup comes to the rescue.

Be aware out there and watch what you are downloading. Keep your detection software current and be sure to set the automatic update session for a time that you know your computer will be turned on and on-line so that it can download the updates. If you are getting the free editions of your detection software then you aren't getting the maximum protection you need.

Be safe and secure, oh and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :).

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