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Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 @ 16:43:12 CET in RN Themes
by Raven

papamike writes:  
I have approximately 41 themes to offer on my site which are all FREE to members. Some are premium quality to include, all of my Renewal series and some in the PMC category. I am working on my downloads area in an attempt aimed at making it easier to view and download themes so look for some changes there,

I can't remember when I started designing themes for RavenNuke(tm) but back then I was possibly the only one.

I also have 3 projects that I am working on, once my theming utility is done this week I will start cranking out some really nice free themes almost every day. Be sure to watch for them.

My next project is a 'Backup_Recovery module. It's ready to go now as a standalone app. but I want to go a couple of steps further and make it into a module with the ability to recover the database files if you ever get hacked through your MySQL database while using any sort of app from a untrusted site. Under usual day-to-day operations of your site you can use the module from inside the admin area.

My last project, for now, is a virtual keyboard captcha which Southern Wolf had the initial idea and passed it along to me. I coded the initial backbone stuff in one day now I have to add the security features and the randomizer.

Well that's my spill for today.

Hope you will stop by and visit me at

where everything on my site is FREE and I add more stuff daily.

Support RavenNuke(tm) all you can!

Take Care,
Mike (papamike)
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