osc2nuke V3.0 alpha 5 Completed!

Posted on Monday, August 10, 2009 @ 13:49:11 CEST in osc2nuke
by Raven

whitehat writes:  
I would like to inform the nuke community that osc2nuke has for 100% finished the integration of oscommerce V3.0 alpha 5.
Course of respect for the oscommerce team we will only provide a demo page very soon , what will be announced to you as well.

for the same reason we also kept their core functionality as it is to the max.

There is a 100% nuke to oscommerce login synchronization and a complete embedded front side of the shop.

screen shots soon will be added to www.inteladd.com
Whitehat, do you know if this will work with RavenNuke(tm)?
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