NukeSentinel(tm) COUNTRY and IP2COUNTRY Table Updater

Posted on Friday, July 17, 2009 @ 00:43:21 CEST in NukeSentinel (tm)
by Raven

This marks the initial release of the new style NukeSentinel(tm) COUNTRY and IP2COUNTRY Table Updater. This Updater application is based on the RavenNuke(tm) Ravenstaller(tm). It has been tested with both RavenNuke(tm) and standard phpnuke. Remember that this is an upgrade/update application so it assumes that you already have NukeSentinel(tm) installed. It does no checking for the NukeSentinel(tm) installation.

These table updates are current as of July 12, 2009.

How To Use:
- Unpack the NukeSentinel(tm) COUNTRY and IP2COUNTRY Table Updater archive and place the INSTALLATIONIP2C folder in your html root folder
- To run the upgrade point your browser to http://www.your_domain.tld/INSTALLATIONIP2C/update_ip2cSQL.php
- Follow the instructions on the screen to install/upgrade
- Remove or Rename the INSTALLATIONIP2C folder

Trouble Shooting:
- I suggest that you run the Server Environment Check before starting the upgrade
- Please submit all support issue in the NukeSentinel(tm) IP2Country Upgrades Forum

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