PhpNukeMailer v2.0.0 Released

Posted on Friday, December 21, 2007 @ 17:41:15 CET in Add-Ons
by Raven

slaytanic_wehrmacht writes:  
The second generation of the definitive mailer for PHP-Nuke is here. Get ready to enjoy its known features and also be prepared to equally enjoy the cool new ones that have been added in this new version.

What is PhpNukeMailer???

PhpNukeMailer is the definitive and quintessential mailer for PHP-Nuke. An addon that will let you choose sending mails with SMTP, authenticated SMTP, POP before SMTP, Sendmail, Qmail, or even the default PHP mail() function on your nuked site. Also, support for SSL & TLS, multiple recipients, html formatted emails, multiple attachments and even more.

For those that take notes...

- Updated to PHPMailer 2.0.0 RC3
- You can now set PhpNukeMailer to use free Gmail account
- Added support for encrypted connections (SSL & TLS)
- Added POP before SMTP send method
- Added SMTP debug mode (if debugging is turned on of course)
- New admin icon
- Code cleaned up and documented
- Some speed & security fixes
- other minor fixes

Point your browser to Slaytanic.SourceForge.Net and get your copy right now
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