NukeCode Yahoo Search Blocks V2

Posted on Sunday, January 28, 2007 @ 16:49:32 PST in Add-Ons
by Raven

Seven writes:  
This package contains a set of four blocks for phpnuke all are for Yahoo! search.
Each block opens its search results in it's own window so your users are not taken away from your site.
There are basically 2 sets of blocks one with site search, one without.

Site search blocks:
block-Yahoo_Search_CTR_SS.php is a center block
block-Yahoo_Search_SIDE_SS.php is a site block

Make sure you set YOUR sites URL in the variable called "$your_url"

There are two additional blocks without site search:
block-Yahoo_Search_CTR_NSS.php - center block
block-Yahoo_Search_SIDE_NSS.php - side block
Download them here Registration Required.
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