$100 reward with AdSense referrals

Posted on Tuesday, November 08, 2005 @ 00:54:57 CET in Announcements
by Raven

NukeBling writes:  
Google AdSense referrals offer you a new revenue opportunity by adding a referral button to your website, this enables you to generate additional earnings by directing users to sign up for products such as AdSense. When a publisher that signed up for AdSense through your referral earns their initial USD100.00 and is eligible for payout, Google will credit your account with USD100.00.

NukeBling have created a block (viewable at the top right of NukeBling's homepage). The block is downloadable from http://www.nukebling.com/downloads.html
Spread the word while increasing your earnings through referrals

To track the performance of your referrals, visit your AdSense Reports Overview page, where Google will display clicks, sign-ups, conversions and earnings separately for each referral product or service. Google will report your referral statistics in the following manner:

Clicks: Google will report a click every time a user clicks
on one of your referral buttons for any product.

Sign-ups: A sign-up will be displayed every time a user signs up for AdSense.

Conversions: Each product you refer will show conversion statistics. A conversion displayed in your reports indicates that you've reached the threshold necessary to receive earnings for that referral. For example, Google will show a conversion each time a publisher you've referred first earns US $100 from AdSense.

Earnings: As with your other AdSense reports, the earnings Google display are your revenue for referrals, separated by product.

NukeBling will be creating more blocks soon and we have opened a forum to chat about this new AdSense referral opportunity visit http://www.nukebling.com/ftopicp-51.html
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