Open Letter To Imagination Nuke To Correct GPL Violations

Posted on Sunday, August 14, 2005 @ 08:57:01 CEST in Discussion Topics
by Raven

I have sent this to the author(s) also and I hope that they will reply

After much careful and extensive reading of the GNU/GPL, I find that your separation of all the copyrights from the files is indeed a direct violation of the GPL. The simplest, most basic tenet is found in the How To. It reads "If you have copied code from other programs covered by the same license, copy their copyright notices too. Put all the copyright notices together, right near the top of each file.". Note the phrase "right near the top of each file". This clearly is not the case with your release. You have stripped all the copyrights from every file and replaced them with your own. Yes, you have aggregated them into other files but that causes them to NOT be obvious when looking at the source code.

In light of this, I must insist that all inclusion of any code copyrighted by myself and/or others associated with my offerings either be returned to its original state or be removed from your distributions. This includes, in its entirety, NukeSentine(tm). In addition, I cannot, in good conscience, post any news items in support of your products until you correct this situation.

I post this prominently and conspicuously because this issue has been repeatedly addressed and brought to your attention and has not yet been corrected. At such time that you correct it, I will remove this notice.

Please move all discussion on this topic to Open Letter To Imagination Nuke To Correct GPL Violations, a special forum for that purpose. Note that this is not for arguing or attacking, but for examination and discussion with the hope of a reasonable and diplomatic resolution.


Gaylen Fraley
The Imagination-Nuke site and support is under new management. In addition to the forum discussion here, there is one going at that site also. See Open Letter To Imagination Nuke To Correct GPL Violations at
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