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Posted on Thursday, May 26, 2005 @ 22:03:37 PDT in Discussion Topics
by BobMarion

How many security notice sites have you seen on the Internet? Me too, and I'm finding that these sites are not really there to help the community but instead harm the community. I'm sure most of you have seen this, what you don't know is that they never contacted myself or any other NS dev member. Nor have they responded to my 3 previous emails sent to them regarding that the issue was corrected long before it was discovered by anyone reporting it.

Today I've sent them yet a 4th email notifying them of the these facts so they can updated the report but I feel that they will as they have with the past 3 emails ignore them and continue to spread fubar. I have also explained in that email that this will be the first of many articles over the Internet should they still fail to update the page. I feel that if you are going to pretend to be a "Security Community Site" then you need to act like it.

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