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Testers wanted for Tricked Out News Module More about

Posted on Monday, February 02, 2009 @ 18:39:38 PST in RavenNuke
by Raven

nuken writes:  
I need some people willing to give me some feed back on a News Mod I have been working on. Most of the bugs have been worked out. The News Mod has the following enhancements:

* NukeSEO Social Bookmarking
* Posters Avatar in News Comment
* News in Two Columns on home page
* PDF export
* Images and links for Printer Friendly, Email to Friend and PDF in home
* And a few other small cosmetic changes.
* XHTML compliant
* RavenNuke(tm) 2.30.00 Tested

ShortLinks changes included. It can be downloaded at http://store.screenjobs.org/download-file-5.html
No registration required. Thank you.


RavenNuke&trade; in Hebrew! More about

Posted on Friday, November 21, 2008 @ 11:26:04 PST in RavenNuke
by Raven

Berlo writes:  
I'm pleased to announce that RavenNuke has been translated to Hebrew by the staff of NukeAll.co.il - staff member V3rtigo to be exact.
Downloads and Hebrew support at: www.nukeall.co.il


PMC Customizable Theme Released More about

Posted on Saturday, October 25, 2008 @ 01:10:05 PDT in RavenNuke
by Raven

papamike writes:  
The more I work with RavenNuke™ 2.30.00 the better I like it. I like is so well that I built a new theme for my site, integrated phpBB3, and run everything off RavenNuke™ 2.30.00.

I have finally released PMC Customizable Theme (PMCCT) Version 3. It is a theme building utility which I coded entirely in PHP and is aimed at those who can't or don't want to build themes using traditional methods. I have completely changed the way themes are built. As most theme designers have non-production servers installed on their computers, they are able to create graphics and write code or copy and paste snippets of code until the desired effect is created in the theme build. PMCCT uses the same method and because it is written 99% in PHP you will need a server that recognizes PHP4 or PHP5 to be able to use PMCCT. So in that regard nothing has changed in the theme building process.

Here's what has changed. All of the code is written for you and all you have to do is update/change $variables within configuration files. Of course you will need to create your graphics too. I have written a short starter info page and each configuration file has instructions included to help keep you on track. The package comes with sample themes and starter themes you can upload into your RavenNuke themes folder so you can experiment until you get comfortable using PMCCT. Some of you will be able to upload the starter theme and create a theme within just a few minutes depending on your knowledge level. I built the sample themes in 30 minutes each. Go to Papa Mike Creations to see some themes that I built using PMCCT.

One thing alot of you may find useful is having the ability to move the left/right blocks around just by changing 5 settings inside the blocks-config.php file. You can have the standard look of left and right sided blocks or you can have both blocks on the left side or both blocks on the right side and you can also turn either one or both of them off.

PMCCT is free to members and can be downloaded from Papa Mike Creations. Please read the short tutorial first to get you going and if you need additional help then please post in my forums under the PMCCT topic. I highly recommend using a proper text based editor with PMCCT, I find Notepad++ is exceptional and I have a link to it in my tutorial.

PMCCT was designed exclusively for RavenNuke™


Good going guys! More about

Posted on Tuesday, October 21, 2008 @ 00:47:00 PDT in RavenNuke
by Raven

papamike writes:  
I just completed the updates for my local server and my online site with the RN 2.30.00 build and it went smooth as silk. I can't believe how RN just keeps getting better and better with each update. The addition of RNYA is exceptional also the addition of ajax in the blocks admin is a real 'sweet' idea. There's just too much good stuff to mention. I want to say congrats to the entire team who worked on this project!

And speaking for the Team, thank you for your theme support exclusively for RavenNuke™ !


RavenPHPScripts announces availability of RavenNuke&trade; v2.3.0 More about

Posted on Monday, October 20, 2008 @ 00:57:44 PDT in RavenNuke
by Raven

Visit the Download section at RavenPHPScripts.com to download RavenNuke™ 2.3.0 today!

The RavenNuke™ Team is pleased to announce the availability of RavenNuke™ 2.3.0. RavenNuke™ 2.3.0 raises the standard for Nuke-based Content Management Systems with over 100 new, improved, upgraded modules, themes and other addons and fixes that take RavenNuke™ to the next level of functionality, performance, ease-of-use, stability, security, and, of course, first-class support. RavenNuke™ uses the GPL license, has been tested on many hosting environments and has commonly-installed dependencies. The 2.3.0 release continues the RavenNuke™ tradition of combining functional enhancements, performance and security improvements and simplified ease-of-use for both users and administrators into a single package.

Major additions in RavenNuke™ 2.3.0 include:

  • RavenNuke™ Your Account (RNYA) (see details below)
  • Legal Documents (see details below)
  • Content Plus (addon) (see details below)
  • Spanish language translation
  • CT_RN theme
  • Ravenice theme (CSS)
  • Advanced error handling
  • Advanced installer with environment check

The .tgz file had a broken link <arghh!>. I just noticed it and have fixed it as of 16:30 CST 20-Oct-2008. Sorry for the hiccup :)

Nagahosting writes:  
Hello RavenNuke Lovers, We at Nagalim.co.uk is celebrating our 1st Year Anniversary Celebration! Our website is 1 year old! We've built up steadily and now - amazingly for such a small site - serving over 5000- 15000 visitors per day from a range of 20 - 50 countries. And so a huge thanks to all of you for making this website what it is today, to both the contributors, members, moderators, administrators, designers, donors, and to all of our visitors, for making this possible.

Our website is powered by RavenNuke™, a powerful CMS which is made freely available by Raven and his Team.
So, thank you again for visiting and don't forget to spread the word about RavenNuke™ and its Powerful CMS across the World!


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