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Did you know? More about

Posted on Thursday, May 26, 2005 @ 23:03:37 CEST in Discussion Topics
by BobMarion

How many security notice sites have you seen on the Internet? Me too, and I'm finding that these sites are not really there to help the community but instead harm the community. I'm sure most of you have seen this, what you don't know is that they never contacted myself or any other NS dev member. Nor have they responded to my 3 previous emails sent to them regarding that the issue was corrected long before it was discovered by anyone reporting it.

Today I've sent them yet a 4th email notifying them of the these facts so they can updated the report but I feel that they will as they have with the past 3 emails ignore them and continue to spread fubar. I have also explained in that email that this will be the first of many articles over the Internet should they still fail to update the page. I feel that if you are going to pretend to be a "Security Community Site" then you need to act like it.

Constructive comments are welcome and can be posted to this article at NukeScripts.


Fast Releases More about

Posted on Wednesday, May 04, 2005 @ 00:30:14 CEST in Discussion Topics
by BobMarion

I was recently asked these questions:

1) "Aren't the things going as you want it to, because I've never seen you releasing scripts so fast over and over.."
2) "I'm still waiting for "that" sentinel release that is very stable..."
3) "I'm worried about those fast follow-ups..."

Grab a cup of coffee and get comfy, this may take awhile :) Now the person that asked these questions may think, why is Bob pointing my questions out. It's simple, these are really good questions/statements and deserve a reply.  Read More...


The Page Rank Backdoor: Search Engine Dance More about Read More...

Posted on Thursday, April 07, 2005 @ 01:22:45 CEST in Discussion Topics
by Raven

elrayjones writes:  
Search engines and their robots are crafty little things. To learn the search engine dance you must be fast on your feet and think 300 steps ahead just to keep up. Just about the time you think you got the dance fingered out, the band changes the tone and pitch of the music, and sometimes will change the song they're playing right in the middle of the one your listening to. Is that fair? We'll yes; search engines owe you nothing. They guarantee nothing, and promise nothing.
You must learn their dance, listen to their music and dance to their beat. In the past few months I have watched my page rank climb from 1 to 4. I'm no SEO guru nor do I want to be. I just studied hard, and had a lot of patience. The most important thing you must have is patience. Let me define the word patience: SYNONYMS patience, long-suffering, resignation, forbearance. These nouns denote the capacity to endure hardship, difficulty, or inconvenience without complaint. So with my dancing shoes and patience in hand I set out to learn these search engine dance steps.


Content Management Systems and building your eBiz More about Read More...

Posted on Monday, April 04, 2005 @ 11:25:04 CEST in Discussion Topics
by Raven

elrayjones writes:  
Content Management Systems and building your eBiz

As a retired Software Engineer(big word for under paid corporation slave). I got tired of setting around to house telling my cat to stop doing the things cats do. I started a side business repairing computers. But I messed the call of coding and creating things... that's what I like best about design be it software or graphics. When I worked at (Big unnamed corporation, because of on going law suit) we used things like CASE Tools, UML, COBRA, UniCenter and other things that will make you pull your hair out. When i started to look for a manageable platform to work with dynamic websites i have never heard of Opensource CMS's I was looking into .NET, then one day while poking around with Cpanel at my host i found PhpNuke...etc...and the rest is history. Most Content Management Systems, are a bit adhoc in there design, but you can work around that. Fast deployment of sites is what i find Content Management Systems, useful for. The learning curve for a neophyte is quite high, but design is the key. After your curve goes down you can deploy a site in a day!


Sentinel(tm) Feature Stirs Opinion More about

Posted on Sunday, May 30, 2004 @ 10:20:19 CEST in Discussion Topics
by Raven

Some have questioned the merits, some the morality, of this feature of Sentinel(tm). This is definitely NOT a morality issue so we will just let that one go. As to the merits, as long as we can keep this thread as opinions and not attacks, let's toss it around a while.

This feature of Sentinel(tm) is optional and not only optional but you have control over just warning (1 popup) or many pop-ups. Also, it does not crash everyone's computer! The popups just make the user crazy and if they aren't able to stop them, their computer may run out of memory and freeze. OTOH, popup killers, and other manual methods can stop them too. This is not a program that gets launched, per se. In todays pc world, most have enough memory to just make this very annoying, which is the purpose.

Now, my opinion is that this is a war, plain and simple. Sites are being defaced and destroyed. We aren't attacking anyone. We are simply defending ourselves. Just like in a war, there are 'innocents' who get caught in the middle. It is inevitable. However, when it happens, we will continue to fine tune the code the best we can. This isn't going to affect any masses out there! A few will get false positives and see some craziness. And usually just an apology and an explanation will suffice. Please join the debate/discussion here in the forums!


To fork or not to fork - that is the question More about

Posted on Friday, March 05, 2004 @ 23:01:07 CET in Discussion Topics
by Raven

Please read and comment on this very important topic. Thanks!

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