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WARNING: NukeSentinel™ Bug More about

Posted on Monday, July 26, 2004 @ 23:12:51 PDT in Bugs
by BobMarion

Do not use the Clear Expired Blocks function in NukeSentinel™ admin. A bug has been found that can completely empty your htaccess file. Instead delete each expired block by way of the Blocked IP's List. This function does not use the same logic as the mass clearing does and therefore does not have this danger.

Open admin/modules/sentinel.php in a text editor and replace the current case "ABClearExpired"; function with the one HERE. The logic has been recoded to prevent it from deleting the complete htaccess file.


Sec-Fix Patch 3 for PHP-Nuke 6.5 More about

Posted on Wednesday, April 16, 2003 @ 20:47:27 PDT in Bugs
by gcf

From Chatserv at NukeCops

Third compilation of fixes to known PHP-Nuke 6.5 bugs, Just upload to the main Nuke folder so that the included files replace the existing ones. Please note that you do NOT need to apply the other fixpacks. This is, basically, cumulative ++!


1-Private Messages within the Journal module broken link due to lines that were meant to be commented breaking the code.
2-Link to Offsite avatars not displaying.
3-Error when clicking the e-mail button in member list.
4-Clicking page number causes invalid session message on Forums.
5-Forum asks to delete install/ and contrib/ directories.
6-Saving Forum profile info changes theme.
7-Couldn't delete auth access info.
8-phpBB logo broken link in the phpBB admin section.
9-Preview Forum: call to undefined function: opentable.
10-Broken rank images in Forum admin section.

There are more fixes in this. Please go to Nuke Cops to get more details and the download.


Head's up for those using phpNuke with PHP v4.3.0 More about Read More...

Posted on Friday, December 27, 2002 @ 17:20:51 PST in Bugs
by gcf

I have found a few modifications that need to be made to keep from filling your server logs up, when running phpNuke with PHP v4.3.0. Read More...


KISGB 4.2.0 Released - MUST UPGRADE!! More about

Posted on Sunday, December 22, 2002 @ 11:13:50 PST in Bugs
by gcf

This is a must upgrade!!!
Through discussions and testing with the bug testing team at php.net, I discovered that using the flock($fp,1) function under win32, with the upcoming 4.3.0 PHP release, requires very careful handling. Under previous releases of PHP and/or win32, the behavior appeared to be working and non-fatal. However, under the forth-coming 4.3.0 release of PHP, the flock($fp,1) call, under windows and used the way KISGB implemented it, will cause an erasure of your entire guestbook when you attempt to edit a message - not good. Apparently *nix handles the call a different way and so the problem, although always there, never surfaced. Read on for instructions on how to patch your current version, should you not choose to upgrade. Read More...


KISGB 4.1.1 FIX For Addtogb.php Module More about

Posted on Saturday, November 23, 2002 @ 07:35:28 PST in Bugs
by gcf

If you have been receiving a "headers already sent message", when adding a new message, it is traceable to the addtogb.php module. I have placed a new addtogb.php module in the download area. In addition I have modified the kisgb download file to include this fix. If you downloaded kisgb 4.1.1 before 8:25 November 23, 2002, then just download the addtogb.zip file and replace your current one. Otherwise you have the current one.


Minor annoyance in KISSQ v3.0 - FIXED! More about

Posted on Tuesday, November 05, 2002 @ 13:21:57 PST in Bugs
by gcf

The setting that is supposed to load the block at startup is not working [SIGH]. Don't know what happened, but I'll work on that this evening and should have a fix posted shortly.
Update 11/5/2002 18:38 - I have corrected the bug and replaced the block code in the download. Please re-download if you downloaded prior to 18:40 CST 11/5/2002. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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