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phpESP: a great survey module - fits various needs
Date: Monday, March 28, 2005 @ 10:44:38 CEST
Topic: Add-Ons

phpESP runs as a PHP-Nuke, NukeCommerce and osc2numodule - enhancing your portal!

you run

The phpESP-as a phpnuke-module - good news: the versatile phpESP Survey script (demo) a great and featurerich Survey-script [ phpESP = easy Survey & Poll] developed at SourceForge now is portet to PHPNuke.

eric from nettrade.nl did a port: First see some demos of the module.

- vietnam campus-site
- hebrew science-site
- educational site
- norton-club.net

eric from nettrade.nl did a port of the module. The enhanced and improoved phpESP-Version [easy Survey & Poll] now is included as a PHP-Nuke-module.
please travel over and download it here :: Authorcontact: Eric Esselink NetTrade BV mailto eric@nettrade.nl

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