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Nuke Guiki 1.10 Wiki Modul [dual-use] runs PHPNuke NukeCommerce and osc2nuke
Date: Sunday, March 13, 2005 @ 20:14:34 CET
Topic: PHP-Nuke

Nuke Guiki 1.10 Wiki Module released - in a new article the Nuke Guiki 1.10 Wiki Module was released [developersite] - yet another dual use module - running in PHPNuke, osc2nuke and NukeCommerce.

supersims "Nuke Guiki 1.1.0, an improved PHP-Nuke Wiki module, has been released by the Supersims project. It features a graphical html editor, search and index functions. The code is contained entirely in one file and is extremely simple to install. All data is stored in the database. You can get it from the developersite [click here]

Description of FEATURES and Download

Nuke Guiki is a Wiki module for PHPNuke. You can see it in action in the User Documentation section of this site. See below for features.
Stores pages in database
Graphical editing of site
Basic search engine
Delete pages in edit mode
Simple code
Easy to install
Index page function

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