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Date: Monday, October 04, 2021 @ 22:38:58 UTC
Topic: PHP

News Lister is a free PHP script, that can be used to create simple news or articles management websites or to be integrated in existing websites to create news sections in them.

News Lister is also very easy to install and it's not using any database - the news information is stored in XML files and the uploaded images in local folders. This makes the installation very easy - it's just necessary to upload the script files (which you can download from the link below) to your website or folder in which you wish to install it.

It's also made to be responsive (mobile-friendly), so the website and interface adapt to the different devices like tablets and smartphones and their screen sizes.

You could find below a brief overview of its main features and online demos.

more: www.netartmedia.net/newslister

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