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Spammers and Medications
Date: Wednesday, December 07, 2011 @ 16:58:01 CET
Topic: Miscellaneous-Off Topic

Have you ever wondered why most spammers advertise medications and send you to sites that look legit? The reason is because they are selling illegal, dangerous, and copycat products. The worst part of the scam is that they also get your credit card number, home address, email address, and possibly your phone number too. Identity theft is a big player in this counterfeit drug scam. The crooks usually get away with three things:

1. Spamming your email or website or both.
2. Profiting from your purchase of potentially life threatening medications that they have made themselves.
3. Stealing your identity.

And I'm not just talking about China, it happens in all countries including the USA. It's important to stop these spammers.

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