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RavenNuke(TM) Database Backup
Date: Saturday, July 30, 2011 @ 00:35:11 CEST
Topic: Modules

A couple of years ago I wrote a script that would backup the RN database and incorporated it with Big Dump to handle the restore functions. I shelved my mod after going through a ton of testing with great results. I then got onto something else that, at the time, was a lot more important, and shelved it.

I blew the dust off of it today and will finish it up. Instead of using my backup script I found a better more feature rich backup script that I will be using along with Big Dump.

This will be a large mod and I'll need to have a place in Raven's forums for discussion. My Php coding skills are rusty so input will be necessary. Anyhow, more to come through Raven's forums (I hope).

As I always say and believe, please support RavenNuke(tm) anyway you can.

Mike (papamike)

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