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Released Clean Nuke 1.7! A clean and simple nuke fork!
Date: Monday, May 16, 2011 @ 00:16:24 PDT
Topic: Code Hacks

Clean Nuke is a cms based on the phpnuke 7.6/Wl Nuke 1.1, it's a simple/content page manager system!

For download it go here
For try a demo and/or more info(themes, mods etc..) go here

- Simple, good and flexible
- Phpnuke 7.6/Wl Nuke 1.1 Core Files
- New Home Message System, New Page System Manager(page.php)
- Url Rewrite System
- English Language available
- New Captcha Antispam Control(Feedback Module and News Comment System), advanced pagination system(News Module)
- Meta Tags Editor/Dynamic Titles
- Photogallery Module
- New Installer
- New icons and new advanced themes
- Delete a lot of blocks and modules and delete your account system, simply nuke!
- Online Mod Theme System, new settings in the configuration page(administration panel)

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