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Date: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 @ 15:35:23 PST
Topic: RN Themes

I am releasing version 3 of my theming utility this week. I have changed it, added more features and now it controls 100% of the theme. There are seven configuration files to work with and all someone has to do is open the file go down it line by line entering the values to create their theme.

You can create graphic heavy themes, light themes, fixed width themes and full screen themes just by setting one value.

Blocks can be controlled fully. You can set both blocks on left or right side, have only one block show, or have the standard layout of blocks one on each side, all by changing 2 settings.

Download your copy from Papa Mike Creations

Once you design the tables the footer and forums will follow suit automatically to match the tables. You don't have to mess with designing the forums anymore. Also, designers can take advantage of the plugin feature to create more things for a theme.

It's easy to work with, the values are easy to change and it's been tested and retested. I thing that those who want to design their own themes will be happy with PMCCT.

I'm already working on version 4 which will be a world of difference from v3.

Thanks Mike!

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