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TegoNuke(tm) Mailer 1.1.0 Released
Date: Saturday, December 11, 2010 @ 15:53:52 CET
Topic: Code Hacks

The new TegoNuke(tm) Mailer is finally here after a long wait. It sports PHP 5.2+ only, revamped Swift Mailer and administration module, many new exciting features and loads of on-line documentation. For a more detailed explanation of the TegoNuke(tm) Mailer and a more detailed list of features, check out the TegoNuke(tm) Mailer Wiki page.

While the Mailer was developed on RavenNuke(tm) for RavenNuke(tm) and PHP-Nuke, it may be possible to use on other *nuke variants with slight variations. Come get the latest download.

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