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Secondlife comes to PHPNuke
Date: Monday, August 23, 2010 @ 09:57:27 CEST
Topic: Announcements

The Second Life Marketplace Script is the website to buy an amazing assortment of virtual items sold by fellow Residents. In preparation, get started with what you need to know to about our Secondlife Marketplace Script. Our Secondlife Marketplace Script is an clone of sites similar to xstreetsl.com or slexchange.com and many others. What this script does is deliver inventory the the residents of Secondlife. What our scripts contain is a combination of Secondlife LSL scripts, which is used for the in-world Terminal to activate users accounts onto the website and deposit Lindens for use to buy Secondlife inventory on your website. And your terminal is also used to check account balance.

Your Secondlife magicbox is used to store your secondlife Inventory, which is used to deliver your Merchandise to your Residents. And your bank server is used by your avatar to store linden currency which is deposited and can be withdrawn from your residents account.

Our script also includes an complete modular portal system written in PHP and MySQL database backend which stores your Inventory to be delivered to your Residents. And so your Residents can locate an in-world Terminal and can communicate via portals forum and submit news for your sites front page.

For more information please visit www.dazzlemods.com

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