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Medal of Honor Theme Released
Date: Saturday, May 01, 2010 @ 03:05:16 CEST
Topic: RN Themes

The Medal of Honor Theme is a fixed width theme of 1000 pixels but will accommodate all screen resolutions, it comes with matching forums theme, MP3 player block and interactive Admin Area to easily add songs and a matching Flash Shout block and Admin Management module. I have made the right blocks wider than the left blocks typically nearly twice as wide that will easily fit content 250 pixels wide, giving the site a modern look yet keeping the center blocks adequate room to promote news and center content easily.

The theme also comes with a very full and detailed theme install instructions.

Admin only link in header
Register + Login Bar for guests in header
Account Link for members in header
Header PSD to add your own clan name + Various other designs and matching MOH Fonts
MP3 Player Module and Block with integrated Admin Area
Flash Shout Box Module and Block (Only works on Ravens Nuke and Evo Nuke variants)
125x125 Advertisement Block
100% XHTML Complaint
100% CSS Compliant
Banner Advertisement placement in footer
Join Us Block and Image
XML Image/Banner rotating Block
Modified Center Forums Block
30 Matching Avatars
Matching Topic images and new topics module
Matching Theme Fonts
Module Title PSD
Matching NukeNav for Ravens Nuke
Cross browser compatibility, tested in IE, Mozzila and Opera
Matching Forums Theme

You can preview the Medal of Honor Theme

www.clanthemes.com - www.phpnukedownloads.com

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