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NukeTAGS 2.1 has been released.
Date: Saturday, January 23, 2010 @ 01:38:24 CET
Topic: Modules

A new version of the popular TagClouds module for phpnuke-based CMSs has been just released, and its ChangeLog is as follow:

NukeTAGS 2.1 - 2010/01/21

  • TagClouds for pages whose access is restricted to non-registered users will no longer be gathered while visited by such users...
  • OPTIMIZE TABLE will be now used after expunging tags for old pages.
  • index.php?newlang=[lang] will be now ignored from being gathered.
  • Added a new configuration option which will control how to handle non-english (or non-yoursitelang, better say) pages. Previously we gathered pages the same way regardless the user's choosen-language, we'll now take this into account. What this mean, you ask? well, if your site's language is English and a user is viewing it in German, the tagclouds for your pages could be overwritten with German words as if they are in English. The new configuration option is 'langDiff' and its possible values are:
    1. Do not handle pages which aren't in your site's language
    2. Handle pages language regardless (that's how it worked previously)
    3. Handle yoursitelang and non-yoursitelang pages individually.

Online Demo: http://www.meotoo.com/nuketags.html
Product Page: http://www.meotoo.com/catalog-product8.html
For further details, and everything else related, please go to http://www.meotoo.com/

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