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Learn to Build iPhone Apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Web Standards
Date: Monday, December 21, 2009 @ 17:27:43 CET
Topic: Announcements

Want to build iPhone apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? In this four-session online course you'll quickly learn how to create simple web apps with features that take advantage of the device's remarkable functionality.

What will I learn?
* Build working web apps for the iPhone, using HTML and CSS web standards
* Learn what a mobile web app is and how it differs from a native iPhone app
* Create gestures and animation using JavaScript and the iUI and jQTouch libraries
* Integrate your web app with several iPhone features
* Build simple native iPhone apps using the TapLynx library-without programming!
* Learn how to build on your newfound iPhone web app development skills

Presented by CreativeTechs in partnership with O'Reilly, each session offers easy-to-follow, hands-on lessons. All you need to know in advance is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics. The LIVE online sessions are free; a video package is also available for purchase, including slide presentations, code examples and other course materials.

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