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Free Themes Friday : Free Art Raven Nuke Theme
Date: Saturday, October 31, 2009 @ 01:38:24 CET
Topic: RN Themes

This week Clan Themes is releasing the Art 01 Raven Nuke theme for Free Themes Friday. This is a very stylish theme and comes with all sorts of extras. Includes:

  • Theme Install File
  • NukeNav Styling for Ravens Nuke v2.4+
  • Installation Instructions
  • Matching forum template
  • Fixed Width Theme
  • Header Psd
  • Your Account PSD
  • Topic Images
  • Your Account Images
  • Theme Fonts
  • Download Logo PSD
  • Google Api Search Block (Optional)
  • XML Scrolling Banners Mod (Optional)
  • Works for Standard Phpnuke 7.6+
  • Works for Raven Nuke 2.4+
Download and Rate Art 01 Free Raven Nuke Theme (no registration required)

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