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Pc-Nuke! old forums are back online!
Date: Sunday, October 18, 2009 @ 21:11:08 CEST
Topic: PC Nuke

To the nuke community,

Pc-Nuke! has re-opened its gates, and we just got our old forums back online, so if you needed some info from there... it is now available.

Sorry, register one final time if you cannot log-in.

Members if you cannot log-in, its because we did a system restore to restore most of the old sites data content. Because of this we flushed around 40 members. So you may need to re-register one final time, but this will be the final time and we are sorry for this hassle. Also we will be restoring a lot of download files, and other things, in the near future.

--- New Releases ---

- Xtreme! 5.1 in the members downloads
- CPG 1.3.2 in the members downloads
- among other things
We are still transferring a lot of data to the new server, so the main downloads and the 100s of NUKE files are on the way, just give us some time... thanks

Go: http://www.pcnuke.com

The PCN Team

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