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Security Alert: Ann Minch's YouTube Video SEO Poisoning
Date: Thursday, September 24, 2009 @ 18:50:34 CEST
Topic: Security: Websense

WebsenseŽ Security Labs(TM) ThreatSeeker(TM) Network has discovered rogue antivirus sites returned by Google searches on Ann Minch. Ann Minch launched a one-woman "Debtors Revolt" against her bank for an unjustified APR increase on her credit card. She posted a video on YouTube two weeks ago sharing her thoughts. Her video made a huge splash and was viewed over a quarter of a million times.

When searching for Ann Minch and related terms in Google, rogue antivirus sites, ranked as high as top match, can be returned. These sites lead to fake antivirus pages which claim your computer requires an immediate antivirus scan and prompt you to download malicious files. These files have very low AV detection. (SHA-1: 314c7d8c16ff4a43e9f6994a39eee614d02e4924)

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