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Optimized Project Files have been released
Date: Sunday, August 30, 2009 @ 18:18:04 CEST
Topic: PHPBB

The Optimized Project Files have been released and ready for you to download and run. Please visit the site and grab the latest files and run them for Nuke Optimized and let us know your thoughts. I am currently porting styles and finalizing the last of the modifications. I want to hopefully get the final release out buy September 15 but i do need testers to run it through it's paces. Please visit me and download the Project files and report back on any errors (if any at all) so i can correct them and get the full release ready to go. You can download the latest files from the following Link If you want a preview you can the previews gallery by following this link Also i have a list of all modifications at this link and a link of all of the extra BBCodes by following this link. So please visit me at http://nukeoptimized.com and grab your download of the Latest Project Files.

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