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Date: Saturday, August 15, 2009 @ 02:00:39 CEST
Topic: RN Themes

One of my members just notified me that I had alot of corrupt theme files. I checked and found that almost all of them were corrupt. I fixed the problems and tested them all just to be sure. I apologize to anyone who tried to download a theme and the .zip file was corrupt.

Look for my next theme to be released soon. I have been notified by several RavenNuke (tm) users that they would like to see more gaming themes, so that is what I have been concentrating on. But I am simply guessing at what people really want.

If you stop by my site please take a look at the survey and post in the forums about the kind of themes you are looking for.

http://www.papamikecreations.com/rn/ will get you to the survey.



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