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phpBB3ToNuke 3.0.5 - Full Package as Release Candidate 2 (final candidate)
Date: Tuesday, June 09, 2009 @ 16:35:15 CEST
Topic: Enterprise Nuke

A proud announcement on one of the most top priority projects by Nuke Korea Developer's Network comes up. With the great help of beta testers group that several couples of phpnuke volunteers participated, Release Candidate of phpBB3ToNuke is in public. Even if still RC 2 is only for beta testers group, the previous RC 1 of phpBB3ToNuke 3.0.4 is released in public.

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The release candidate 2 is supposed to be the final test beta of phpBB3ToNuke 3.0.5 which includes full package as is described in the following feature lists:
* Two default theme-pack for phpnuke nuke and phpBB3ToNuke synchronized themes - prosilver and subsilver2.
* Two theme-packs are smart resizing of blocks and relatively faster than other heavy graphic-based phpnuke themes.
* Fully supported multilingual auto-dection and switches
* Fixed bugs reported by beta testers group
* Fixed bugs by phpBB3 Developer's group (more than 150 bugs and new features)
* Newly coded upgrade package to support early phpBB3ToNuke 3.0.4 - RC1 users
Nuke Korea, the Home of Enterprise NUKE, would like to express great thanks to charity minded volunteers and beta testers group.

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