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A Voice For Kim
Date: Sunday, June 07, 2009 @ 15:27:47 CEST
Topic: Help Needed

Hello everyone, This is Scott Johnson aka - Nukeum66, I hope you all doing well.

I have recently been re-connected with a girl I went to High School with, Pam B.and she has told me about the needs of another classmate, Kim Dye. Kim resides at Drake Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been there for over 11 years. Kim suffered a stroke after the birth of her second son; the stroke left her unable to care for herself. Moreover, she only has use of her right arm and is unable to speak. After Pam visited with Kim, it was very clear to Pam and others that Kim is capable of understanding everything that is going on around her, and desperately wants to communicate with everyone. She still has a great sense of humor and remembers a lot. She has communicated to everyone who visits her that she wants to write a book. Pam and I know we can help her achieve this goal. So, after Pam met with Kim's speech therapists and researching options she has found a device that will be easy for Kim to use and will help convert the text that she types on the computer into a voice.

If any of you are in the Cincinnati, OH area on June 28th, we are hosting a Bike Run and Party Bus to help raise funds for the communication device. We are attaching the flier for anyone interested in attending the event. If you could also pass it along to your contacts that would be greatly appreciated. Get the Bike Run information

If you or someone you know is unable to attend but would like to help by donating, we have set up a Pay Pal donation account for Kim. Its a safe, secure and easy way to contribute. Here's the link Donate to A Voice for Kim

Thanks, Scott Johnson a.k.a. Nukeum66

I (Raven) have known Scott for several years and you do not have to worry as to the credibility of this appeal nor be concerned about the donations being legitimate :)

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