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phpBB3 To Nuke - Beta Test Volunteers Wanted
Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 @ 17:29:17 CEST
Topic: Enterprise Nuke

The Home of Enterprise PHP-NUKE, Nuke Korea Developer's Network is about to launch bb3ToNuke, the embedded version of phpBB3 into PHP-NUKE. bb3ToNuke Group wants volunteers to participate on the final release candidate project as beta adopters.

The brand-new phpBB3ToNuke 3.0.4 is characterized by 1) bidirectional compatibility (works with phpnuke and stand-alone phpBB3); 2) highly integrated with phpnuke admin; 3) phpBB2 and bbtonuke conversion support; and 4) plug-in style MODs
- phpBB3 to Nuke Workbench
- Apply for beta test position

See the extended text for the number of testers wanted.

Intensive General Users (2)
Moderators (2)
Style Users (2)
Admin Users (2)

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