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Introducing iGallery, a Simple yet Powerful Gallery Module For RavenNuke(tm)
Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 @ 16:54:06 CEST
Topic: RavenNuke

I would like to introduce to you what I have named iGallery. iGallery, as the title states, is a simple yet powerful gallery module for RavenNuke(tm) (It may still work under other nuke variants but they will not be officially supported). iGallery is designed to fit the needs for those looking for a quick and easy module to start showing your pictures to all your users.

As is customary for RavenNuke(tm), the module is coded to be 100% xhtml compliant and I'm trying to write clean code with no php errors/warnings. Additionally it supports all basic functionality of an online gallery. Additionally the module supports ShortLinks for friendly, not convoluted/extraneous URIs... The module is still under active development but a public beta is coming soon, if you would like to do some testing on it just let me know, I'll be around.

Take a look at the module in action iGallery for RavenNuke(tm) Demo (This is not a public demo. It is just for you to see how it actually looks and works, so please DO NOT post comments or register there).

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