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Phishers hijack 750+ Twitter accounts
Date: Saturday, March 07, 2009 @ 03:15:44 CET
Topic: Security

Trend Micro is reporting, and Twitter confirms, that Twitter users are once again under attack by people who need to upgrade their ethics. Targets receive a tweet from someone claiming to be female, 23, and in possession of a webcam. Click the link and you end up on an "adult" site that both attempts to phish your credit-card info and slathers your computer with ads for the same stuff.

twitter says it has changed the passwords and removed the spam from the 750-odd accounts, none of which were believed to actually be kept by anyone female, 23, and in possession of a webcam. Trend Micro notes tartly that though it's not clear how how the attack was undertaken, "with Twitterers' willingness to enter their Twitter username and password into any number of third-party websites offering Twitter-related services, the opportunities for cybercrime are many."

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