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Testers wanted for Tricked Out News Module
Date: Monday, February 02, 2009 @ 19:39:38 CET
Topic: RavenNuke

I need some people willing to give me some feed back on a News Mod I have been working on. Most of the bugs have been worked out. The News Mod has the following enhancements:

* NukeSEO Social Bookmarking
* Posters Avatar in News Comment
* News in Two Columns on home page
* PDF export
* Images and links for Printer Friendly, Email to Friend and PDF in home
* And a few other small cosmetic changes.
* XHTML compliant
* RavenNuke(tm) 2.30.00 Tested

ShortLinks changes included. It can be downloaded at http://store.screenjobs.org/download-file-5.html
No registration required. Thank you.

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