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Theme Release For Jan 2009
Date: Monday, January 05, 2009 @ 00:35:51 CET
Topic: RN Themes

Well, I'm back at it again after a long rest through the holidays.

I released my newest theme today which has a woodsy look and feel. PMCCT-Wood was created using my customizable theme utility. It comes with a fixed width of 1000px and a header which you can easily customize by going to config/header-config.php and either changing the text I have there or you can comment out the line if you want to use a graphic in the header.

I will release version 2 of the same theme sometime this week for those who like 100% width resolution themes plus more graphics in the news and messages areas and a matching forum.

You can see it at Papa Mike Creations where I have a oversized thumbnail image on my home page. You can also view and download it from the Download area there (membership required).

My theme display site is HERE... where you can see a lot of my themes live.

Happy New Year and let's help support the development of Ravennuke(tm).

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