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PHPNuke Ultra Downloads Fix for 7.6+
Date: Saturday, January 03, 2009 @ 00:58:12 CET
Topic: Bugs - Fixed

PHP-Clans.com have found a fix for many people receiving the same problem when uploading and installing this module.

It seems that you download this module, upload to the correct locations and when you try to install/alter the sql tables you get redirected to the home page?
Or if that works fine, you enter your phpnuke downloads page, click the download you want to download and it give you a white page?

Well we've figured out why, read below.

Locate your index.php in your downloads module, which should look like this;


You will need to open this file and find the following lines:


function makePass() {
global $module_name;
$cons = "bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxyz";
$vocs = "aeiou";
for ($x=0; $x < 6; $x++) {
mt_srand ((double) microtime() * 1000000);
$con[$x] = substr($cons, mt_rand(0, strlen($cons)-1), 1);
$voc[$x] = substr($vocs, mt_rand(0, strlen($vocs)-1), 1);
$makepass = $con[0] . $voc[0] .$con[2] . $con[1] . $voc[1] . $con[3] . $voc[3] . $con[4];

Make sure you include that las '}' and delete ALL of those lines!

Save this file and upload and overwrite.

This should solve your problem Smile

Remember you are editing the index.php INSIDE the downloads module, and not your root index file!!

You can download this file from Weblord.it

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