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Content Plus 2.2.1 Released Today, Update Your Copy Right Now
Date: Wednesday, November 26, 2008 @ 12:48:19 CET
Topic: Add-Ons

Just about a month has elapsed since the last stable release of our beloved Content module replacement for PHP-Nuke and derivatives such as RavenNuke™ and NukeEvolution. I am now very pleased to announce the immediate availability of our first maintenance release for the 2.2.x branch, no new features at all, we were focusing on solving as many bugs as possible for this release.

For those that take notes, here's the changelog:

* Updated README to clarify some points that could lead to confusion
* Fixed a bug where user submitted content containing HTML tags showed some annoying tags when previewing
* Fixed some variables that were not showing up correctly
* As site logo was not a very useful thing to display when printing page, was completely removed
* Made some slight changes to the print page function
* Fixed some compliant issues in content manager
* Enhanced add/edit categories in content manager (now you can upload a new image or select one of the already present ones)
* For security reasons uploaded image will no longer retain the same name as on client machine
* Fixed a bug where tags were not saving when adding new content from content manager
* Fixed a bug where page_header's textarea size was not set correctly when adding new content from content manager and not using editor (Thanks GANYANCI)
* Corrected some typos in english language file (Thanks CodyG, Susann from RavenNuke™ Team)
* Fixed a bug that prevented to output content to PDF when error reporting were turned on
* Added Turkish language file (Thanks GANYANCI)
* Added Swedish language file (Thanks BeerFace)
* Added German language file (Thanks Susann from RavenNuke™ Team)
* Updated Czech language file (Thanks Svatopluk Kristek)
* Fixed a bug where function share page display a broken link and no preview of the content on the approval mail sent to admin
* Fixed situation where you can get banned by nukesentinel when clicking on the approval mail link sent while not logged in as admin
* Combined the functions add_page() and share_page() into add_page()
* Fixed a bug where Internet Explorer users might clear all form content when clicking the "No" option when previewing a user submitted page
* Other minor miscellaneous fixes

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